$1,000.00 USD

DEPOSIT- Golden Ticket Event 2024

This event will take place in Mindi’s store where she will give the behind-the-scenes details of running a successful bridal shop. This is a bridal shop owner’s survival guide! This event is $5,000 plus travel and stay and includes everything below. 

Here are all the details:

  • Oct. 28,2024 and from 9 am  through dinner (Only lunch and dinner provided)

  • Sessions with Mindi & Jordan Linscombe on how to maximize income and support your partner in owning a bridal store.

  • Systems & Operations behind-the-scenes store tour of Something New with Mindi

  • Take-home Resources

  • There will be a 60-mile territory protection for those who sign up (so if your competitor signs up first you can’t sign up)

  • Only 10 spots are available (20 people total)

  • Each owner who signs up is allowed to bring one additional person

**PLEASE NOTE!!! This payment is your downpayment. This guarantees that you are the only store within a 60-mile radius to attend this event. Once we confirm your payment and location we will send you your full payment link. The event total is $5000. Once your downpayment goes through you will be sent a $4000 link for total payment.**