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What Is Bridal Owner Success School?


You'll have access to done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource list, accompanied by easy-to-follow video modules, All the training is online, inside a private B.O.S.S member-only site. And that's not all - I'll deliver a LIVE monthly training to keep you fresh and up-to-date on what's working in the industry.

Ready to attract more customers and exponentially increase your revenue? Sign up for B.O.S.S now, and let's make it happen!

I'm Ready To Be A Boss

What's Inside?

video training and downloadable resources on the following topics

1. Build Your Traffic

  • Marketing Planning
  • Outline Social Media
  • Checklist Bridal Show
  • Roadmap Referral Program Template
  • Networking Best
  • Practices Red Flag
  • Audit Sample Sale
  • Outline Promotions Guidelines

2. Build Your Team

  • Recruiting Outline Hiring
  • Strategy Offer Letter
  • Template On-Boarding
  • Schedule One-On-One Script
  • On-Going Training
  • Script Numbers Low
  • Script Letting Someone Go Steps
  • Moving People Up Plan

3. Build Your Profit

  •  Plan For Margin
  • Private Label Worksheet
  • Choosing Partnership Checklist
  • Buying Strategy Outline
  • Package Template
  • Numbers Worksheet

4. Build Your Future

  •  Budget Breakdown
  • Strategy For Managing Cashflow
  • Purchasing Space For Your Business VS. Renting


Ready to Enroll in BOSS?

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How does BOSS work?


You will learn everything you need to know to run a successful bridal store so you don't have to re-create the already proven roadmap to success.

You'll have access to all resources for a self-guided experience to go at your own pace.

+ EACH month, you'll get a brand new resource and additional training LIVE with Mindi so that you have the most up-to-date strategies for the ever-changing needs of our brides.

+ After seeing the latest resource in the LIVE class, you'll get to participate with others during a one-hour Q&A

+ Access to a Maximizer Facebook group with members to discuss ideas with others on this journey with you. This growth-minded group is pursuing the best version of themselves and their companies.

I'm Ready To Be A Boss

Is BOSS right for me?

If you own a local bridal shop and you want to follow an already proven road map to success then BOSS is for you. Our ideal members desire to maximize their profits, build stronger teams, increase their bridal appointments, and become better leaders and business owners. 


You will learn numerous ways to generate and attract more customers in your store.


You will learn how to create a company culture you desire so that everyone wins.


You will learn best practices that should be standard in order to run a profitable operation.


We will help you take a deep look at the overall company health and how to plan for the future.

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