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Bridal Coaching

Let's take your bridal business to the next level! Refine strategies, nurture leadership, delight your customers, and achieve amazing success. Discover our transformative solutions for your business growth!

Bridal Coaching

Everything you need to skyrocket your Bridal Business! Discover it all with our five offerings below!

Bridal Owner Success School

Bridal Owner Success School (BOSS) is a private, members-only platform to help bridal shops become more profitable.

BOSS includes:

  • 40+ videos and downloadables for bridal shop owners with step-by-step outlines on how to: build your traffic, build your team, build your profit, and build your future.
  • Monthly live call with Mindi and other BOSS members.
  • Private Facebook group with daily Q&A, direct access to Mindi via phone/text.
  • Private annual retreat at SomethingBlue30A with BOSS members.
  • Prom business plan with team training manual.
  • 1 free private coaching call with Mindi.
  • Mom’s department plan.
  • Member pricing for all VIP day events. 

Golden Ticket Experience

The Golden Ticket Experience is the ultimate in-person, behind-the-scenes experience at Something New in beautiful Colorado Springs. The behind-the-scenes tour and teaching sessions for owners will hold nothing back and include tons of take-home resources! This is a one-day event open to only 10 bridal shop owners and their one guest, so sign-up now!

What does the Golden Ticket include?  

  • Lunch and Dinner with Mindi, Jordan, and attendees
  • A behind-the-scenes Store Tour of Something New: walk with Mindi through her store to see her designs, systems and processes in practice; plus get to watch her team huddle, execute rotation, and see the sales floor that transforms the sale into an experience in action. Photos & video is welcome! Relational benefits for networking with stores like you
  • Teaching Time: With over 16 years of bridal experience, learn from
    Jordan and Mindi on how they have lasted this long and remained profitable year after year
  • Confidential Q&A: Have you ever wanted to ask the hard questions in a safe environment with other trusted business owners? We'll have open Q&A with Mindi & Jordan to help you get the answers you need Take-home resources
  • BONUS MATERIAL including format for private label magazine, quarterly stylist observation forms, daily systems checklist, menu for vendor partnerships, observing huddle with our team, meeting Mindi's contact for all branded materials, and more surprises! 
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Business Education/ Speaking Engagements

Mindi is a dynamic educator and speaker who is passionate about seeing high functioning entrepreneurs find fulfillment in both their lives and their businesses. Her and Her husband Jordan speak/educate on the following topics:

  • Entrepreneurship and Business: From Dreaming it Up to Building Its Legacy
  • Building a Healthy Foundation: Faith, Mindset, and Health as an Individual
  • Balancing Career and Parenting
  • Re-imagining Co-leadership in marriage

You can inquire about Mindi’s speaking calendar HERE

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Office Hours: 1-on-1 Business Consulting

Mindi’s office hours were developed through many requests for 1-on-1 business coaching. She enjoys offering giving dedication attention to people wanting to strategize through tough situations in life and business. These sessions have been extremely effective for hundreds of people needing wisdom from a mentor/coach that can immediately bring clarity and solutions. There is a no-long term commitment offer and we allow people to sign up for as many sessions as they want. Sessions are hourly and participants are billed at the end of each month. Inquire about her availability. 

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Full-Day Bridal Business Audits

Bring in this industry’s top thought leader to completely audit your entire business form operations, store layout, systems, staff protocols, merchandising, and so much more! She starts early and stays late to make sure no rock has been left unturned. She looks for ways to make you money immediately after your visit. This is an incredible way to start your year, quarter, month off STRONG! Inquire for pricing.

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