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Business Resources

Mindi's expertise goes beyond bridal! Invite her to boost your business impact and profitability with full-day, in-person audits—a tailored resource for elevating your success.

Business Resources

Everything you need to propel your Business to new heights! Explore our offerings below

Full-Day Business Audits

If you feel stuck as a business owner with hurdles to plow through, you need Mindi, an expert entrepreneur. She will ask the hard questions, diagnose the real problem, and then make a step-by-step plan to help you move forward. She cares that you are successful with your team, your profit, and your work/life balance. 

Problems she has helped others overcome:

  • Staff turnover
  • Process bottleneck 
  • Debt strategy
  • Cash flow management 
  • Hiring/Firing
  • Onboarding plan with employee handbook and job descriptions
  • Brand story and marketing strategy 
  • How to master online marketing for your client base
  • Referral programs
  • Cost of goods and inventory management 
  • Benefit plans/compensation plans 
  • Planning for retirement 
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