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I'm Mindi

I'm Mindi

"I'm a roll up my sleeves and get in there right along side my team kinda-girl"

My Story


For several years, Mindi has come alongside stores all over the country to train them and provide solutions to their greatest problems. She has helped stores substantially increase their sales, margins, traffic, and employee retention! (Just check out those reviews below!)

If you aren't finding Mindi in the shop, you will see her around town helping her family in all of their activities. She has been married to her husband for 18 years, raising 4 kids (+ 2 dogs), and is always up for some fun!

Mindi owns and operates one of the largest bridal stores in America: Something New
10,000 sq ft showroom
7-figure sales
25 team members
bridal, tux, prom, moms

What I'm Up To...


Host of The Something New Show: An online life coaching show, where Mindi hosts guests that are experts in all areas of life. You can watch her on Youtube or listen to podcasts with her interviewing the world's best leaders in finances, relationships, health, business and more.

Founder of The Something New Foundation: A philanthropy of Something New, where a portion of all sales goes towards the community. Mindi has given back to numerous organizations every year, and additionally, she uses her foundation to provide scholarship money to her customers. Her goal is to help others grow and develop so that they can also start "something new."

Something New Resources: An all-inclusive resource platform for bridal shop owners. Various levels of support and teaching are available to help increase stores' profitability. 

My Experience.

I graduated from college with a Bachelors In Communication, minor in Spanish, and a Master's Degree in Education. I have been running my company (Something New) for 15 years, as well as coaching many other business owners around the world.

My Skillset.

I possess an ability for quick decision making, which I use to make sure my marketing strategies are always performing. I work well with organizing project calendars and deadlines among many teams. I have strong interpersonal skills and love winning people over. Enneagram 8 wing 7.

My Goals.

I want to continue to make a difference in my client's lives...I love seeing the results we can accomplish together. That synergy makes me feel on top of the world! I love putting our skillsets together to reach more people with our product.

I Celebrate My Team