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"Let's work together to turn your dream into your reality!"

What Is The Golden Ticket Experience?


Think Willy Wonka. The Golden Ticket is the ultimate in-person experience, at our Something New Boutique in Colorado Springs. This behind-the-scenes tour will hold nothing back, tons of information and resources will be given. This is a one-day event open to only 10 shop owners and their one guest.


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The Golden Ticket Experience is the ultimate in-person, behind-the-scenes experience at Something New in the lovely Colorado Springs.

The behind-the-scenes tour and teaching sessions for owners will hold nothing back and include tons of take-home resources! This is a one-day event open to only 10 bridal shop owners and their one guest, so sign-up now!


How does the Golden Ticket Experience work?


Come to Colorado to enjoy a behind-the-scenes experience with Mindi and her team at Something New! October 28th, 2024 9 am through dinner (Only lunch and dinner provided)

Systems & Operations behind-the-scenes store tour of Something New with Mindi:
Walk with Mindi through her store and see her systems and processes in action. Photos welcome! Then watch her team do a huddle meeting to start the day and observe the team does rotation, and begin to work.

Sessions with Mindi & Jordan Linscombe on how to maximize income and support your partner in owning a bridal store.:
With over 15 years of bridal experience, learn from Jordan and Mindi how they have lasted this long and remained profitable year after year. In addition, guest speakers/experts with legal and CPA will be there to teach some important, necessary elements of our business. Each session will come with take-home Resources

Confidential Q&A:
Have you ever wanted to ask hard questions in a safe environment with other trusted business owners? Mindi & Jordan have curated an environment for just that!

Gain the relational benefits of working with stores like yours. (We do protect a territory with each store being a minimum of 60 miles away from each other for this experience. So if your competitor signs up first you can’t sign upEach owner who signs up is allowed to bring one additional person


Price includes B.O.S.S


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